Addiction Freedom Program

  • Do you or someone you know battle an addiction?
  • Have you struggled with a 12-step program?
  • Would you like to be Healthy, Strong and In Control?
  • Are you ready to regain your life and be free of the “addict” stigma?


The Addiction Freedom Program is changing the way the world views and responds to addiction. This is a breakthrough, non-12 step program in relapse prevention with a specific methodology utilizing hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and other proven techniques based on neurological research. The Addiction Freedom Program enables those who want to end the struggle with addiction to reclaim their lives and to experience more freedom and control than they ever believed possible.

The brain of an “addict” reacts to beliefs, values, and triggers. The subconscious processing of the brain is often ignored in most drug and alcohol rehabilitation systems, leaving the “addict” to return to old patterns and routines. As a result, the failure rate is extremely high. The options for continued support for “addicts” post-rehab or those who are trying to quit on their own have been limited to 12-step programs, which also have a low success rate.

There is a saying in the field of neuroscience – “The neurons that fire together wire together.” In other words, repetition can cause the brain to hard wire the thought process, leaving the “addict” in a continuous, vicious cycle. The brain will only carry out that which you have programmed it with. When you are told that you will always be an “addict”, that you will always want to drink or use, that you will always struggle with relapse and have to confirm on a daily bases you are an “addict”, there is little wonder why success rates are so low. Listening to stories of struggle, relapse, shame, and guilt further cement a foundation of hopelessness. Regardless of intent, this system sets the “addict” up for failure.

Based on what we now know about the brain, applying mind and behavior modification techniques used in the Addiction Freedom Program works to retrain and recondition the “addict” at a core, subconscious level. Having freedom from addictive beliefs, identity triggers, and behaviors is essential for creating freedom in your body, mind, and spirit. The brain has the ability to make fast and powerful changes when the right tools are applied.  Imagine what you could do once you tap the power of the unconscious mind to create lasting change where you are healthy, strong and in control.

Lea brings over 25 years of experience, training, and knowledge from the field of neuroscience and mind/body connection to compliment the Addiction Freedom method. She will take you step by step through the process of how to discover and create the life you desire. The same protocols Lea has successfully used for decades to help her clients stop smoking, lose weight, or overcome infertility are now being applied to the addictive brain. Her clients create healthy behaviors, habits, and perceptions that help them resolve and let go of their past easily in order to make better choices automatically and move forward living a happy, healthy life.

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*This program is a relapse prevention program. Do not start this program if you feel your detox needs supervision. It is not a detox program and is not appropriate for someone who is currently using alcohol or drugs. Please contact an addiction doctor or attend a detox program.