Birth by Hypnosis™

Birth by Hypnosis™ Program- consists of 4 sessions and designed for those who are looking for stress relief to help with overwhelming feelings of fear, self-doubt, and personal issues surrounding pregnancy and the birth experience. These sessions are for individuals only and used by both mothers and fathers-to-be.

This program  utilizes hypnosis and other healing modalities to address the needs of mothers who may or may not want a natural birth experience. After careful evaluation, your sessions will be tailored to your specific situation. In addition private sessions are offered to partners to resolve  any anxiety, worries or concerns they may have surrounding  life changes.  Program includes; The Sacred Journey of Childbirth, and New Life Affirmations CD’s for additional support for women. Relax and Release Life Daily Demands CD for men.

The sessions will help you to:

  • Prepare your mental, emotional and physical body for the birth experience
  • Feel relaxed throughout your pregnancy
  • Identify and overcome self-defeating talk and mind chatter
  • Release worries and concerns surrounding pregnancy and childbirth
  • Keep a positive prospective on pregnancy and the birth experience
  • Reduce and manage stress before, during and after labor

This program is not childbirth education, it is strictly hypnosis sessions to help manage stress surrounding pregnancy and birth. If you are interested in childbirth education please visit the HypnoBirthing page or click here.

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