Childbirth Research

NLAI was originally created from the overwhelming need for support and guidance for women going through the life transitions of motherhood via childbirth. Stress management is key for a happy, healthy mother and baby.

Childbirth programs offered through NLAI build confidence and trust in the women’s ability to make educated decisions for herself and her baby before, during and after the birth. ┬áBy empowering mothers through self-exploration they can identify, understand and release any limiting thoughts, perceptions or fear of childbirth, motherhood and life changes they may need to make.

Lea and her network of professionals, fully supports women in their birth choices whether it be a home birth, birthing center, or hospital.

It has become apparent how far we have strayed from the sacredness of childbirth. Today mothers are under a tremendous about of stress as they are being coerced in to inducing or cesareans.

With all of the unnecessary medical interventions being done today, the complications and traumatic births have become more common. These traumatic births affect not just the mother, but the baby for the rest of their lives. But birth does not have to be this way.

Lea, her support team and millions of others are successfully changing this birthing scenario into a peacefully, joyous, occasion no matter where the mother decides to birth.

Science knows that the stress levels of the mother and her environment have a direct effect on how the baby’s brain developments. They also know the babies can hear, see and feel everything the mother is experiencing.

Scientists believe that our mind and behaviors begin to mold and shape in utero. Over the years, I have realized that the majority of my clients’ life issues began in utero or shortly thereafter.

On a monthly basis there are articles being written now on this subject. TIME magazine, cover June 2, 2003, “Are you programmed from birth or does life change the program? A radical new look at what makes you special.”

The article is titled “What makes you who you are. Which is stronger-nature or nurture? The latest science says genes and your experience interact for your whole life. The article states and I quote,

In the early days, scientists detailed how genes encode the various proteins that make up the cells in our bodies. Their more sophisticated and ultimately more satisfying discovery-that gene expression can be modified by experience- has been gradually emerging since the 1980’s. Only now is it dawning on scientists what a big and general idea it implies: that learning itself consists of nothing more than switching genes on and off. The more we lift the lid on the genome, the more vulnerable to experience genes appear to be. This is not some namby-pamby, middle-of-the-road compromise. This is a new understanding of the fundamental building blocks of life based on the discovery that genes are not immutable things handed down from our parents like Moses’ stone tablets but are active participants in our lives, designed to take their cue from everything that happens to us from the moment of our conception.