How The Brain Works

Understanding the brain and how we are programmed

In order to understand hypnosis we have to understand a little about how the brain and mind function and operate.

In layman’s terms the brain runs and controls every cell in the body. The brain releases only two messages, either to start something or to stop something.

The brain gets the messages from the mind. So for instance you decide to get up from your chair, the thought comes first and then the brain causes the body to respond. So it’s the mind that tells the brain what to do.

The brain must follow whatever messages it’s given. The brain can not determine right or wrong, it only follows programming.

You have one brain with two hemispheres, left and right, and one mind with two states, conscious and subconscious.

From the conscious information is fed into the brain for storage. Before information is cataloged, we analyze the new information against old information and decided if it is believable, important, or true.

If it falls into that category of B.I.T., then the chances are you’re going to accept and use the information for later processing.

If it does not fall into that category the information falls into the “junk yard” of your memory where it is not intended for further use. Every thought, every emotion, every thing you have heard, seen, or read is stored in the brain.

It may be way back in the junk yard, but you can get to it if needed. Once you put it in the brain for storage, that’s it.

You can not get in and change it, take it out or even have access to it, from the conscious side. All we do from the conscious side is shovel in information after you analyze it.

Once you put it in, it is difficult to access unless, it’s important, often used or recent. Something may happen and trigger an old memory.

But in order to access the memory bank you must switch to the subconscious level of awareness.

You read and use on the subconscious side what you put in on a conscious side.

Example; ask someone a question about what they ate yesterday or the day before and watch as they look down or away and then look at you when they have the information.

They are accessing the information from the subconscious side. Now ask a question and make the person look you straight in the eyes, only.

Notice how it is almost impossible to access the information.

So on the conscious side you put in information, and the more you compound that information and the more you repeat this information, then you establish a program of conduct. Which we call habits.

If you have a program of habit and you don’t like what your doing. Then you have to change the program.

The only way to change the program is from the subconscious side because you don’t have access to the memory bank from the conscious side.

When you minimize the conscious awareness, automatically the subconscious mind becomes the boss. There on like a titer toter system. Only one can be the boss at any given time. When you go to a hypnotherapist their job is to make the conscious awareness less efficient. Hypnotherapist work with the subconscious mind to change unwanted behaviors and beliefs.

Unlike the conscious side, the subconscious side dose not analyze. When the subconscious is the boss everything is automatically excepted as truth, unless that person decides to reject that suggestion. Primarily the subconscious mind will reject a suggestion that is against self preservation, moral principles or not compatible with their needs or desires. Which is why a hypnotherapist can not make you do something you do not want to do. If the suggestion is not rejected the suggestion is automatically excepted and once excepted becomes truth for that person. False statements are true. The majority of the persons problems have there origination in the state where the subconscious mind is the boss.

There are two ways for the subconscious to be the boss. Voluntary or involuntary hypnosis. Voluntary would be going to a hypnotherapist and involuntary would be through stress or trauma. Anytime someone is stressed or traumatized, they are automatically operating from the subconscious level. We call that the fight or flight syndrome. What ever that person is exposed to in state of stress, unless rejected is true. Self criticism is true. That’s were most of the problems have there origin. The brain must carry out what it has been programmed with. It does not have a choice.

Example: I have heard and seen this type of story over and over. (True story) A person goes to the doctor perfectly healthy, physically fit, feeling fine except for a stomachache that they have had off and on for several months. They take x-rays and find out the patient has stage 4 lung cancer. The doctor tells the person he should be died and will be within weeks. By that night the persons body started to shut down . The man had a hard time getting out of bed over the next few days.  The man’s health quickly declined and the man died within two weeks.

Example: 9/11 who was not traumatized by the event? People watched the T.V. hour after hour, day after day, week after week. They sat and listened to the anthrax stories and symptoms over and over again. States health departments phone lines where flooded with people calling, believing they had been exposed to anthrax because they had all the symptoms. Yes they had all the symptoms. No they had not been exposed to anthrax but their body was carrying out what they had been told from the news.

Example: Children who come from abusive, stressful, homes, whether it be verbally, physically, or emotionally, (Economic status is irrelevant.) who are told day after day how worthless, lazy and stupid they are. Their self esteem and confidence in themselves is lowered and negative self talk takes over, compounding what has been said to them by their care givers. Some of these children go to school and have trouble learning and reading. (Many children slip through the cracks.) Then they are told at school they are slow and have a learning problem and can’t read well so now they must go to a special program where kids who can’t read or have problems learning, go during the week. Yes this is a quick generalization. But you get my point.

Unless you have a child who is able to over ride these suggestions that are being compounded at every turn, it is almost impossible for that child to truly learn. Remember, the brain will not let you carry out that which you have not been programmed with.

Example: Teachers can make all the difference in the world when dealing with a child. Story after story you have heard of teachers and leaders in the communities that have taken interest in so called “problem kids” who were in trouble and failing school. How these teachers were able to turn these kids lives around by showing these kids somebody cared and believed in them. These teachers had to over ride the old negative programming by helping the kids believe in themselves and their futures. These teachers where able to help turn these “problem kids” into straight A students who where excited about college and what the future holds for them.

The language we use when dealing with anyone is so important. Knowing how programming works now, pay attention to the language that is used in your surroundings, ie, your next doctors visit, teachers class room, watching T.V. ( our biggest programmer) See if you can pick up on the programming that takes place daily, that you never knew was there. See if you start viewing things differently, now. Maybe the way you communicate with people or even your children causes changes for the better. No matter what you choose to do with this information, always remember you have a choice to make a huge difference in the world, in your immediate surroundings, Now.

So, now what is hypnosis? It is a focused state of concentration dominated by the subconscious mind.

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