Hypnosis for Prenatal Care

Hypnosis has been used by itself and/or in conjunction with other therapeutic modalities to successfully eliminate or reduce the emotional, physical, and psychological effects of personal issues and events that could interfere with the birthing process.

Some of those issues may include:

  • Birth traumas- previous childbirth experience
  • Abuse- past or present emotional, or physical
  • Fear of childbirth
  • Anxiety of motherhood
  • Stress of parenting
  • Concerns of life changes

Hypnosis is also helpful for:

Fertility Issues:

When there is no physical reason for infertility it can sometimes be a psychological reason. Clinical studies have proven the effectiveness of hypnosis and mediation to increase pregnancy rate of infertile couples. The stress that a couple goes through when trying to have a baby is tremendous. It occupies their entire life and relationship. Stress alone can cause many different aliments. How many times have you heard others tell couples trying to get pregnant to “go on a vacation”? How many times do couples after years of trying to get pregnant, adopt a child and get pregnant shortly thereafter even though they had tried for 7 to 10 years. The mind is a powerful instrument. Hypnosis can help resolve conflict in a woman’s body and allow her to relax and balance hormones, creating an optimum state to accept a pregnancy.

Turning Breech Baby

Hypnosis has been shown to assist with turning a “breech baby”, often within minutes or hours after the session. A study on breech babies turned with hypnosis, also showed that these babies stayed in the proper position, whereas babies turned manually often returned to the breech position.

Premature Labor

Hypnosis can bring you into a deeply relaxed state and calm down uterine activity, which helps keep the cervix closed by using suggestion and visualization. Hypnosis also allows you to communicate with your unborn baby, programming your inner mind and your little one to work together to keep the baby safe and healthy until it is time for him or her to be born.

Inducing Labor

Hypnosis can direct you to relax all of the muscles around your baby, release fears that may be holding you back from entering labor, and let go of any control issues, as well as communicate with your precious baby about how much you want to see him or her. It also can give powerful suggestions that the birthing process will start soon and be effective and comfortable.

Childbirth Recovery

Hypnosis can help with quick recovery by giving proper instructions to the body for healing and balancing for post-partum through deep relaxation. It can also assist with sleep and personal growth as a parent, developing a calm and confident mother.

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