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Stop Smoking Now

Hypnosis is one of the most effective, safe, and natural approaches to STOP SMOKING, no matter how long you’ve been smoking. It has been used successfully to release the desire to smoke, remove the nicotine craving, and create healthier habits and much more. You know all the reasons why you need to stop smoking. You know how horrible smoking is for your health. If you could have quit smoking on your own you would have done it by now.

Stop Smoking Now consists of 4 individualized hypnosis sessions. Once some background information has been gathered and all of your questions addressed, you will be guided into a relaxed, focused state of concentration and receive highly effective suggestions tailored to your specific circumstances. Then we’ll meet every 2 to 4 days for your follow-up sessions. With this program you will receive Lea’s best seller CD, “Relax and Release Life’s Daily Demands”, to help you reduce day to day stress and give extra support if needed.

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Hypnosis Stop Smoking Research
Tens of thousands of people across the country have quit smoking using hypnosis. The television program 20/20 reported “Hypnosis to quit smoking has the highest rate of success of any method! Most people report no withdrawal symptoms.”

An examination of multiple research studies show that a single session hypnosis treatment to stop smoking produced about a 25% success rate, and about 66% of those engaging in at least 4-5 sessions of hypnosis quit smoking and stayed non-smokers after a 6-12 month period. (Hammond, D.C. (1990). Handbook of hypnotic suggestions and metaphors. New York: W. W. Norton.)

A new study presented October 22, 2007 at the annual meeting of the American College of Chest Physicians found that hypnosis was more than twice as effective as quitting “cold turkey,” and over three times as effective as nicotine replacement therapy. The study compared four smoking cessation programs used by former hospital patients who were motivated to quit. 50% of patients using hypnosis quit successfully after only one hypnosis session with recorded sessions for follow-up, while only 15.78% of those using nicotine replacement quit successfully.

Success rates were measured at 26 weeks. Dr. Faysal Hasan, one of the authors of the study, said, “Our results showed that hypnotherapy resulted in higher quit rates compared with NRT alone. Hypnotherapy appears to be quite effective and a good modality to incorporate into a smoking cessation program after hospital discharge.” (Hasan, Faysal, et. al. “Hypnotherapy as an Aid to Smoking Cessation of Hospitalized patients: Preliminary Results.” Presented October 22, 2007 at CHEST 2007, the annual meeting of the American College of Chest Physicians.)

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Smoking and Pregnancy

Smoking isn’t good for you. Now that you are pregnant or are considering becoming pregnant, the risks are even higher. Smoking can cause reproductive problems before a woman becomes pregnant. Studies show that women who smoke may have more trouble conceiving than non-smokers. Studies suggest that fertility returns to normal after a woman stops smoking.

A woman who smokes during her pregnancy has a baby who gets less food and oxygen than a non-smoking pregnant women.
Additional risk factors also increase for these women.

Some risk factors include:

  • You’re more likely to have a miscarriage.
  • Your baby is more likely to die before birth.
  • Smoking can cause placenta previa (placenta covers the cervix which means c-section).
  • It can cause a placental abruption (placenta separates from the wall of the uterus).
  • It increases risk of a pre-term birth.
  • Pre-term births suffer more breathing problems and have long hospital stays.
  • Increases the chances of having learning difficulties as baby grows.
  • Higher incidence of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS or crib death).
  • Babies have more genetic defects when exposed to second hand smoke in the womb.
  • Pre-term labor or premature rupture of the membranes.
  • If you smoke your baby is more likely to have colic.

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