Preparing for Conception

Preparing for Conception and the Prenatal Experience:

Clearing the past to birth a brighter future.

  • Are you pregnant or wanting to conceive in the future?
  • Do you want to create your own positive paradigm around birth and parenthood?
  • Would you like to gather more tools to prepare for motherhood?

If so, Preparing for Conception and the Prenatal Experience was created for you.

This program consists of 6 sessions and is recommended for those who are wanting to conceive in the future or may already be pregnant. Sessions encourages self-exploration in a safe and comfortable environment. Individuals have the opportunity to recognize and release habits, behaviors, and belief systems that no longer serve them or their future unborn children. This shift allows one to access free will and enables the individual to consciously conceive, birth, and parent their child with a healthier mind, body and spirit. Please note this is not childbirth education. If you are looking for childbirth education, please see the HypnoBirthing page.

The sessions will help you:

  • Become more comfortable with conception, pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood
  • Prepare your mental, emotional and physical body to allow, receive and connect to your unborn baby
  • Identify and overcome self-defeating habits, behaviors, talk and mind chatter
  • Examine ones attitudes, perceptions and concerns surrounding childbirth, motherhood and family
  • Release known or unknown emotional blocks that could hinder conception or the birth experience
  • Keep a positive prospective on the life changes of the pregnancy process
  • Choose your environment that effects the wellbeing of your unborn child
  • Recognize, reduce and manage daily stress
  • Use valuable tools to make any life transition smoother

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The Most Important Gift You Will Ever Give Yourself & Your Baby