Get the first 2 CD’s of the Sacred Journey of Childbirth series for the price of one! The Sacred Journey of Childbirth and New Life Awareness Affirmations are now being sold together in this special offer.
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The Sacred Journey of Childbirth CD

Track 1 - The Garden: Build confidence and trust in yourself and your body as you easily release limitations, restrictions and inhibition that could stand in the way of your peaceful pregnancy and gentle birth experience. (29:23)

Track 2 - Sacred Journey: A metaphorical journey of birth takes place on the beach/ocean with positive suggestions for staying relaxed and calm throughout your pregnancy and at the time of birth. Music by Astarius Reiki-Om (33:11)

Listen During 0-40 weeks, Use before and during labor to help you to: *Reduce Tension and Stress *Increase bonding with your baby *Gain a sense of empowerment *Improve sleep *Maintain a positive attitude *Build confidence and trust in your body *Reduce, and/or eliminate aches and pains *Feel a sense calm and well being *Have higher levels of energy *Reduce concerns of childbirth

Price: $19.95 + S&H
New Life Awareness Affirmations

Designed to help keep you focused and committed to a positive pregnancy and birth experience throughout the day.

Set to beautiful, calming piano music by Gary Lamb Approx. 54:00

Listen During 0-40 weeks, Use before and during labor to help you to: *Maintain a positive attitude *Gain a sense of empowerment *Trust in the life process *Bond with your baby *Feel calm and confident *Gain a sense of inner peace *Reduce concerns of childbirth

Price: $19.95 + S&H
Welcoming Baby (4 CD Set)
1 Golden Light - Natural Relaxation 2 Rehearsing Baby’s Birth Day 3 Prayer of Intention 4 New Dawn - Instrumental Music Listen During 32-40 weeks, before and during labor to help you to: *Feel relaxed and prepared for the birth *Relax muscles so baby can move into proper position *Increase your chances of having a drug free labor *Reduce stress and tension *Increase your sense of being in control *Reduce fear and anxiety about birthing day *Increase your confidence *Increase trust in your body to give birth easily *Use birth breathing techniques reduce and/or eliminate discomfort
Price: $59.95 + S&H
Set Yourself Free
A gentle process of releasing and letting go of past emotional experiences that caused you fear concerning pregnancy, childbirth or the changes that motherhood brings. All stress and tension have the potential to hinder a peaceful pregnancy and beautiful birth experience. You will also learn simple to use techniques to help keep you relaxed and calm before, during and after your labor. (52:08) Listen During 0-40 weeks, before and during labor to help you to release: *Fears of giving birth *Concerns of a cesarean *Concerns of health and well being *Past birth experiences *Past events that could cause you tension *Reduce/eliminate anxiety and stress This CD may be used before conception, and/or for those who may have fertility issues, who are trying to conceive either through natural methods or medical intervention.
Price: $19.95 + S&H
Relax and Release Life’s Daily Demands
You easily release emotions that have settled into the cells of your body from the events of your life. Let go of the stress, tension, anger that no longer serve you. Release the fear, shame and guilt from events that have held you back from moving forward in your life. Allow the colors of the rainbow to heal and repair your mental, emotional and physical being. Give yourself permission to gently align with your source as you drift peacefully into a deep state of relaxation. This CD was created to continue to work throughout the day by using colors as triggers to gently release the emotional past without you ever knowing it. You just feel a wonderful change has occurred as you find how much more relax and focused you are as you go about your day. This CD is excellent for birth companion or mother after the birth of her baby.
Price: $19.95 + S&H