Offering programs for both medical intervention, and natural conception.

It is now possible for those living outside of the Phoenix area to have their session in the convenience of their own home either by phone or Skype. No matter what state or country you live in, you can participate in this program fully.

The HypnoFertility Program consists of a minimum of 4 sessions and designed for those wanting to conceive naturally.  After careful evaluation, your sessions will be tailored to your specific situation. Private sessions are offered to partners as well, to resolve  any anxiety, worries or concerns they may have surrounding the birthing experience or life changes. Having both parents fully aligned is very important in conception.

Women who come for Hypno-Fertility who are seeking a natural, non-medical approach to conception will only incur a small fraction of the cost of IVF and will learn valuable skills that they will continue to use throughout pregnancy, birth and life experiences.

Optimizing Your Fertility Intervention works beautifully as part of an integrative approach to conception. This program is designed for women who are seeking adjunctive support for their medical fertility treatments.  In this approach it is common for Lea to work with other health care practitioners as part of a team effort. For more information on this program please visit the OYFI page or click here.

Some mothers, once pregnant choose to continue sessions bi-weekly or monthly to reinforce their relaxation and remain calm and at peace throughout their gestational period. For those with a history of miscarriage this may be a valuable support system to put in place.

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