Medical Assisted Fertility

Optimizing Your Fertility Intervention:

Embracing the mind-body connection to help you conceive

  • Are you using medical intervention in order to conceive?
  • Do you feel stressed over the regiment of the fertility medical procedures?
  • Are you experiencing “Unexplained” or “Unknown” fertility issues?

If so, Optimizing Your Fertility Intervention was designed for you.

This program consists of 6-12 sessions and is tailored for each person. It is recommended and specifically designed for those experiencing fertility issues who are using medical intervention to conceive. Sessions encourage self-exploration in a safe and comfortable environment. Individuals have the opportunity to explore their habits, behaviors, and belief systems around people, places, times and events that no longer serve them or their future unborn children. This shift allows one to access free will and to remove any mental, emotional blocks that could stand in the way of the body conceiving. Note this is not childbirth education.

The sessions will help you to:

  • Prepare your mental, emotional and physical body to allow, receive and connect to your unborn baby
  • Leave past conception attempts IN THE PAST
  • Maintain control over your life
  • Feel relaxed during medical procedures
  • Identify and overcome self-defeating talk and mind chatter
  • Recognize and release know or unknown mental blocks
  • Keep a positive prospective on the fertility process
  • Reduce and manage daily stress

The Most Important Gift You Will Ever Give Yourself & Your Baby

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